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Estonia fall 2019

For up to date prayer opportunities and to hear how God is working please go to the Blog Tab up on the homepage bar-  For initial posting.... please read below.....

First and foremost, if you are on this page that means you are following the journey God has set in motion.  It also means you are probably a supporter in some fashion.  I want to say THANK YOU! I am so very lost for words that the Lord would chose me to serve in this capacity, while I am not capable- He delights in His Children and through His power and might enables us to have front row seats to the things that bring Him glory.  

This page will serve as updates, photos and prayer request from October 18-26th while the conference in Estonia is unfolding.  I will do my best to update this page daily, but I will tell you I have no idea what the internet connections and service will be like.  I also do not know what to expect as far as schedule, so please bare with me as I wade through that part of the trip as well.

I can tell you right off, that all the volunteers will be needing prayer starting now as we prepare our hearts, minds and body for what God has in store, while He ministers through us to those ladies that serve abroad.  I know God has great plans, and restoration for those that attend, no matter what role they play.  I am excited with childlike anticipation for the unfolding of what lies ahead.  How long has it been since you have had such great anticipation and child like expectation for what God has in front of you?  We are called to not just believe in Him, but also to believe him, for he has, does and will do great things through us to bring Him glory.

So for now... until the trip is underway, would you join me in prayer daily for those volunteering in all capacities, and for the ladies that will be attending.  I also would like to ask for your prayers in relation to those workers at the hotels, restaurants and places we go.  Estonia is known to be 95% atheistic, and I know there are divine appointments that will unfold with those in Estonia. Please pray that the divine presence of our Savior will be felt, seen and witnessed by all we interact with.  Prayers for discernment, peace and safety is also greatly appreciated. 

Thank you again, and please check back daily.... starting October 19th for updates, and prayer needs.  Much love- Joyfully in Him-


Joshua 1:9

Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God

 is with you wherever you go.....